Party Packs

Party packs!

party packs party Packs Party Packs

Great extra to get people up and dancing; these packs vary in size depending on your needs and want.

So what’s included?

Party Pack

In each pack there is: Glitter top hat, Blues Brothers Hat and Glasses, Hawaiian Lei, inflatable guitar, inflatable saxophone, inflatable microphone, inflatable hand, maraca, tinsel wig, straw beach hat and a straw hula skirt.


For one of each above is £25

For two of each above is £40

For three of each above is £70

For four of each above is £100

With the box of four I’ll also include 2 80cm hand held confetti cannons too (please check with venue!!! I’m not responsible for a ear clipping from a duty manager).

The 80cm confetti cannons are available for £10 each

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