Do you have DJ PLI Insurance (Public Liability Insurance) and a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) Certificates?

Yes I do, my PLI is through Mobile DJ Network which gets their insurance through Royal and Sun Alliance for £10,000,000 in any one claim. I annually have my equipment checked for electrical safety and regularly check all my leads on the job. You will get copies of both forms with a contract (or you can check them out below)

PAT and PLI page

Will you play our guests requests?

As a rule yes however it may not be straight away as it may not fit in with the music been played at that instance.


Will you talk all night and insult my aunt?

No I’m not a chatty DJ who talk’s over tracks etc… I make announcements introduce you and make any other announcements you need however after that you want to party not listen to some Lancashire chat.


How Do We Book You?

Providing I am free and you want to go ahead and book me I will email or post you a contract which needs signing and sending back to me with a booking deposit. Deposit can be made via cheque, BACS to my business account or Paypal. The booking is confirmed when I have both the contract and deposit back however if I get another request for the same date I will contact you first to confirm if you want to book me.


I have a playlist I want you to play will you do that?

If you have a list that you insist on playing from start to finish then do you need a DJ? I will play your requests and play the music towards your liking however you are also paying me to read a crowd and play to fill a dance floor.


Do you have lights?

Yes I do using brands such as Kam Lasers, American DJ Lights and LED Parcans from Pulse all linked to provide the best control and looks.


I’m having children attending and I’ve been told you need a CRB is this true?

No as I won’t be left alone with them a CRB or Criminal Records Bureau check is required when dealing with vulnerable adults and children unsupervised. I will not nor ever want to be left unsupervised as even with a CRB check any supplier will be left vulnerable to accusations etc. For more impartial information from the horses mouth have a read here http://www.qdosconsulting.com/qdos/news/2012/01/11/criminal-records-bureau-checks-faqs


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