Becky Mills 2 new videos

Becky Mills 2 new videos

Becky Mills 2 Videos.

Here are 2 videos from a very talented and special lady who I have had the pleasure of doing sound for Becky Mills.

If she is in town you should check her out and also her album Dandelion is out soon and would recommend it! Becky Mills and her partner in crime Patsy Matherson first came on my radar after playing at the New Continental in Preston, they were immediately easy to get on with well up for a laugh and incredibly talented musicians who just left you in awe with their music.

1st is Army Sharpe

2nd is Dandelions and Foxgloves

Here is her facebook to check her out and please comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. Thanks Dan thats great. Album will be out soon. This is just a sniff of what is on it! x


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