Hello and welcome to Dan productions, now please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of great taste. Right, enough Rolling Stone references, you’re here as you can’t get no satisfaction, you want a killer party with great tunes and little cheese, you can save that for the cheese board at the evening.
You don’t want to exclude the rest of your guests though, as that’s a bit uncouth, and you want a DJ that’s playing great tunes and not looking like something off a Peter kay sketch. You don’t just want an indie wedding DJ, but a DJ that really knows their music, be it funk, hip hop, disco, northern soul and even pop. You want your DJ to know how to respond to the crowd, react to the spontaneous, act in a professional manner and deliver you the wedding, party or event you’ve dreamed of. This doesn’t mean I don’t interact with the crowd and your guest when needed, nor does it mean that a “chatty style” is wrong, different tastes demand different flavours, I sell myself as a less chatty DJ.

Who am I?

Daniel Jones, Lancashire born and bread, son of 2 nurses, father to a small baby, collector of vinyl and books, cyclist of many miles.

What made me become a wedding DJ?

You have my very best mate Haydn to thank for that! When he got married he had one job, book a DJ. So, he didn’t book a DJ and I did it as well as bestman duties. For a 1st shot, something must have worked, as I was asked to do another gig from that, and so it snowballed. Now I have weddings from Devon to the Scottish Borders, I’ve done sound for Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth and worked in conferences regularly for 1,000s of people.

So What can I offer you?

I don’t like to use words like bespoke, as I see them as too cliche, especially in the wedding world. However, what I like to offer you as tailored to your needs as you can imagine. I’ll come and meet up (if possible), sit down and talk through your timeline, your musical wants and needs, lighting requirements, speeches, announcements and any other key moments you have.

I can offer you a set up that is as large or as small as needed.
I also work with a tight knit group of DJs, sound engineers and lighting people up and down the UK, if I can’t do a gig, I’ll pass on details or you can book through me. I won’t take on a booking until the other person is confirmed as free though, this prevents anyone getting let down.
I can offer, all day hosting, room lighting, vinyl sets, band PA, all day hosting, conferences, evening events and more

I was booked to DJ at Louisa and Owen’s wedding at Salmesbury hall December 2014:
“Thanks Dan you were fantastic. Loads of people said how cool you were and sorry about wrecking your kit with our invisable (invisible) beach balls!!!” Louisa and Owen

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